Fake Hate Crime? Black Man Arrested For Spray Painting Swastika At UMD

Students at the University Of Maryland have been on the warpath desperate to stop hate and racism, but all signs point toward this being a figment of their imagination. Back in May a white UMD student was arrested for stabbing and killing a black Bowie State student. Despite not knowing anything about the motivation or the events that led to the murder, this story was headline news with nearly every outlet calling this a racially motivated hate crime. As it turned out hate crime charges were never filed because there was no basis for them. Nevertheless a task force was formed to combat hate and racism at UMD. Another “hate crime” occurred just a month later when a noose was found near fraternity row. Despite several students desperate attempts to be victimized by this symbol of hate, it turned out that it was just a piece of plastic trash that was laying on the ground. The latest hate crime on campus involved a spray painted swastika. According to Fox5 in DC, court records show that the man arrested is black. Looking at how many hate crimes across the country that have been fake, especially since Donald Trump winning the presidential election, one has to wonder if students at UMD are chasing their own shadow.

P.S. The same week of the white on black murder / stabbing, a black woman viciously killed an 8 month old white baby she was babysitting. This story however was quickly swept under the rug with no speculation about it being a hate crime. Why was that?

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