Is Part Of Trump`s America Dismantling Pedo Hollywood & It`s Sexual Abuse Of Actor`s & Actresses

Trump’s America? Dismantling pedo Hollywood and it’s sexual abuse of actors and actresses? I hope so. Corey Feldman has talked about it for years. Who knows how long it has been going and how many victims there are.

After the expose of Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood seems to be in a in free fall. Looking at the recent ratings however it seems that no one really cares about them, but it is really is nice to see the pompous liberal elite who claim to hold the moral high ground being exposed for being the two faced hypocrites that they are. People like George Clooney (who has been outspoken about open borders and condemned those who are against Trump`s immigration plan yet moved back to the US because it wasn`t safe in Britain anymore) is now being accused of “helping “blacklist” an actress after she complained of sexual and racial harassment”. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are two more being accused and like we said, who knows how many are involved. We can only hope that this is a by product of Trump’s America and will succeed in accomplishing something not possible since McCarthy tried to take down Hollywood’s communist elite. Read more about Harvey Weinstein and the death of liberal America here

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