FBI Labels Black Identity Extremists As New U.S. Terrorist Threat. Black Caucus Steps Up To Address It

A report recently released by Foreign Policy disclosed that the FBI declared that black identity extremists pose a growing threat of premeditated violence against law enforcement,

Let`s get right to the obvious- Rhetoric from the blm movement has indeed ramped up violence across the country. Protests organized by it`s supporters have led to violent confrontations and riots, attacks on people in vehicles while blocking traffic, and even the murder of police officers in Texas. Such a label from the fbi is justified based on these actions.

The congressional black caucus immediately objected and requested a meeting with the fbi. As we`ve stated before, there is an explicit double standard in the right to have your own special interest groups, in having a caucus to defend you, and in having a liberal mass media absolve you of your actions

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