Rapper P. Diddy Wants An All Black Football League

Rapper P Diddy (who was once accused of discrimination against dark skinned blacks) says he wants to create an all black football league.  This is fine. How about an all white football league as well? Did you just scoff at that suggestion? If so you might be a racist.

Obviously in a free society we have no qualms with people of different races and cultures who want to create outlets for their own people. Everyone should be free to advance their own interests and aside from one glaring double standard they are allowed to do so. The double standard obviously comes in when European Americans attempt to do something specifically on their own. Such things are not allowed and furthermore they are forcefully made to integrate anything that organically gravitates towards an implicitly white base.

Just for the sake of trolling I recently got into a debate with a liberal on a facebook page about this subject. I pointed out that the real issue that should be addressed in the nfl is- Why is the nfl 70% or more black when blacks are less than 20% of the population. Their reply was that such a question was absurd as the nfl selects it`s players from the best and most qualified players. I then pointed out that colleges and other American jobs discriminate against the most qualified applicants in order to diversify themselves and that there needs to be some affirmative action policies put into place to equal out the nfl the same way. Their double standard was apparent when they argued against that as well.

It seems as if there is an accepted form of discrimination in America.

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