Bombs Found At Civil War Reenactment In Virginia

Last weekend, after receiving threats of violence and “bodily harm” days before, a pipe bomb was found at a civil war reenactment in Middletown, Virginia. There has been no coverage from mass media condemning this violence which leads to the question- Is msm covering for antifa and the violent alt left again? These reenactments are events where families gather to watch the battles and honor those who gave  their lives in one of the most tumultuous times in our countries history as well as learn about history. The fact that there has been no outrage from mass media condemning this attempt to hurt and kill innocent people based on a political view is rather disturbing. Similarly in August a reenactment was cancelled in Manassas, Virginia due to threats of violence and in Houston a man associated with the alt left tried to bomb a Confederate statue. Anarchists and the alt left have used bombings on behalf of their political goals throughout the history of our country. It`s time to address this threat honestly.

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