Fake Hate Crime: Black Man Arrested For Racist Graffiti At Eastern Michigan University

Another day another fake hate crime. Last year at the University Of Michigan racist graffiti appeared around campus. KKK as well as other racial slurs targeting the black community was spray painted in a bathroom and courtyard. As it turned out, a black man named Eddie Curlan was identified as the suspect. According to the article hereThe incidents of vandalism on our campus created significant pain, fear and distress among our students, faculty and staff…”  I`d go a step further and say that not only do such actions “create fear and distress” in those who are targeted, but it also creates a backlash and assumed guilt against whites on campus who are already targeted as a group regularly for collective racism. Looking at how many of these hate crimes turn out to be fake, it is quite evident that race relations aren`t as bad as they are made out to be. Such incidents like this do nothing but erode them however as both whites and blacks become the victims.

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