Those Muslim Vikings…

About 2 weeks ago an “amazing discovery” was made in which a piece of cloth was found in a Viking grave that supposedly had Allah written on it in Islamic writing. Ignoring any kind of historical aspects, the only people who were hailing this as such a great discovery were those who hate European culture. They claimed this meant that the entire foundation of Viking belief and culture around their burial customs was actually based on the Islamic faith. They reveled in this idea, they giggled inside, and their underlying hatred of European culture was on full display with quotes such as the following which even go so far as to make the assumption that anyone who is interested in Viking culture is a “white supremacist”:

This is welcome news to historians and people who enjoy learning new things. But white supremacists — who have leached on to Vikings and their symbols as representative of pure white power — are not happy.

If learning new information offends you so much that you have to write off archaeological evidence as fake news, you might have a problem.

This isn’t a cut-and-dry declaration that all Vikings were actually Muslims, but it is evidence that some likely were. At the very least, it’s proof that these Vikings appreciated the culture of Islam, and did their best to imitate it and incorporate Islamic beliefs into their own. They shared ideas, instead of blindly hating Muslims. And that’s something white supremacists just can’t handle.

Obviously Vikings interacted peacefully with different cultures including those of Islamic faith as they had good trading relations throughout their world, but the idea proposed here that a set of their customs is based on Islamic faith is #FakeNews. The artifacts were re examined by Stephennie Mulder, a professor from the University of Texas in Austin. She pointed out that the supposed Islamic writing was a geometric Kuffic script which didn`t appear until 500 years after the Viking era.

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