12 Bombs In 24 Days In Sweden

Did you hear what happened in Sweden last night? Well, maybe not last night, but the same story plays out regularly. President Trump was right about Sweden

Explosion hits night club in Malmo, Sweden

Via RT:

Swedish YouTube vlogger and journalist Peter Imanuelsen, or PeterSweden, who keeps track of bombings in the country, reported that the nightclub explosion was the 12th to rock Sweden in just 24 days.

On October 13, a huge explosion inflicted serious damage to an apartment building after an explosive device, reportedly dynamite, was thrown into a living room on the third floor. Luckily, no one was in the immediate area at the moment it went off, with police saying that otherwise the injuries would have been fatal.

Five days later, an explosion wreaked havoc at the police station in the southern Swedish town of Helsingborg.
“The whole entrance has been blown away. The windows are shattered and there’s damage to the doors themselves,” police described the damage to the station at the time, calling the incident “not just an attack against society, but on everyone’s safety.” The explosion was preliminarily linked to gang crime, which is on the rise in southern Sweden, where Malmö is located.

Malmö is one of the cities recently added by the Swedish police to the list of areas considered to be “especially vulnerable” in terms of challenges they pose to law enforcement. These communities, often labeled “no-go zones” in the media, typically host large populations with migrant backgrounds and suffer from acute poverty and high unemployment. Malmö is not an exception, as some 31 percent of its population is estimated to be born abroad and some 41 percent of the residents have a non-Swedish background.

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