Hate Crime Attack: Man Yells “This Is For You White B*tch” And Throws Liquid In 13 Year Old Girl`s Face

A 13 year old girl was attacked in a hate crime after getting off a bus in Queens, New York by a man who yelled “This is for you white bitch!” before throwing a liquid in her face. She was treated at a local hospital after her eyes started burning from the unidentified liquid.  Attacks like this are common in Britain but involve the use of acid. The UK Sun reports that there has been 1,500 reports of acid attacks in London alone. Fortunately this wasn`t the case in this story as she left the hospital with no serious injuries. It`s curious as to why such a blatant hate crime against a 13 year old girl is not being talked about in mass media the way it would be if the roles were reversed. It`s almost like there`s some kind of agenda in media reporting.

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