Virginia Democrats Are Running The Most Racially Divisive Campaign For Governor In U.S. History

An insane campaign commercial (shown below) sponsored by the Latino Victory Fund in support of Virginia democrat candidate Ralph Northam depicts a white guy in a pick up truck trying to run down a group of minority children. The truck is also shown flying a Confederate flag and has an Ed Gillespie sticker on the back. The intention of the video was to scare minorities who might not vote to go out and do so. This intention has had the opposite effect however and created a huge backlash from Virginians who are disgusted as being portrayed as violent racists who want to kill minority children. In actuality it has pushed people who hadn`t really put much thought into the election into supporting Gillespie. One commenter on 4Chan even said he is voting a straight Republican ticket because of it. After the negative backlash the Northam team tried to disassociate themselves from it, but it was later shown that the ad was a coordinated communication worth $62,729.

Not to be outdone by the Latino Victory Fund, BlackPac has launched a video of their own which claims that Gillespie voters are all white supremacists. In the article it states that BlackPac took a poll and it showed that Virginian voters of color felt that they were under attack. The irony is that these ads being made by these same people of color are the ones doing the attacking. The depiction`s portrayed in them tells you all you need to know about how they see you. Make sure you get your vote in.

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