Buzzfeed Writer Wants To Ban Cars In Big Cities After Terrorist Attack

Just to preface this article, it was revealed that several of the male writers at buzzfeed recently had their testosterone tested. As you may have guessed they scored really low on their levels. So low in fact that they averaged on scale with an 80 year old man.

This brings us to a recent article written by Jessie Singer for buzzfeed titled We Should Ban Cars From Big Cities. Seriously. The article was written after the terrorist attack in New York City and the writer says

“You can’t stop crazy. But you can reduce the number of people allowed to drive their 4,000 pound machines into city parks, along city beaches, past playgrounds, and alongside the sidewalks of the most pedestrian-packed places in the nation. If we banned cars from every city in the US tomorrow, we would stop vehicular terrorism overnight — and save thousands of lives.”

Yes, this is the buzzfeed community- Above average idiocy, below average testosterone

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