Fake Hate Crime: Black Man Wrote Racist Messages On His Car In Kansas

A black Kansas man caused fear and inflamed racial tensions at Kansas State University when he reported that his car had been vandalized with racist graffiti saying “Go home”, “Date your own kind” and “Die”. His car which was parked at an apartment complex near the university led the black student union to call an emergency meeting, increases in campus patrols, and a civil rights investigation by the fbi into a possible hate crime. The graffiti later turned out to be a Halloween prank that “went to far” as the car`s owner, 21 year old Dauntarius Williams admitted to writing it himself. KSU spokesman Jeff Morris said afterwards “we want to acknowledge that people felt anger and pain as a result of pictures and words that they saw,” “The incident maybe wasn’t real — the emotions were,” which is absolutely correct.

As we`ve said previously “Not only do such actions “create fear and distress” in those supposedly targeted, but it also creates a backlash and assumed guilt against whites who are already targeted as a group regularly for collective racism. Looking at how many of these hate crimes turn out to be fake, it is quite evident that race relations aren`t as bad as they are made out to be. Such incidents like this do nothing but erode them however as both whites and blacks become the victims.”

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