13 Baltimore City High Schools, Zero Students Proficient in Math. Democrats “Protect our School Act” Opposes Actual School Reform

We posted a story the other week on our facebook page about a Baltimore City mother who slammed the city school system for passing her daughter after she had failing grades. This was our comment:

This is indicative of the public schooling system especially in Baltimore. Churning out kids who aren’t prepared to make it in the real world and then wondering why crime and unemployment is so rampant. This school is titled “of business and law” too. Kudos to this mom for taking the school to task.

There were several stories of kids graduating here last school year with teachers saying they had failed them.

This past week a new story from Fox Baltimore uncovered that 13 Baltimore City High Schools had zero students proficient in math. Meanwhile democrats have railed against Betsy DeVos and President Trump and even Governor Hogan for their advocating of charter schools and vouchers. The democrat controlled legislature here in Maryland reinforced this opposition recently by passing the Protect Our Schools Act. According to the article here, this act “… prohibits the state school board from requiring test scores to count for more than 65 percent of a school’s performance ranking. And it would prevent the state from taking several actions to improve those schools, including converting them to charter schools, bringing in private management, giving the students vouchers to attend private schools or putting the schools into a special statewide “recovery” school district.” As Governor Hogan said- this act will preserve the failing status quo in schools and he refused to sign it. Democrats were upset upset at this as they argued that this could put $250 million of public funding at risk. This just plays to the democrat MO- throw more and more money at the same failed ideas. In the article here however it states that it was in a Maryland charter school that students had dramatic increases in proficiency. So why are democrats so opposed to charter schools and school vouchers? Could it have to do with preserving the teachers unions that financially back the democrat party? Could it be that democrats purposely harm their constituents in order to keep them in a continued cycle of failure? Read more about that here and here

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