Gays Are Leaving The Liberal Base Because It`s Aligned Itself With Islam

It`s been a question anyone with open eyes would ask- Why does the left support Islam when Islam is not friendly to gays? A recent interview with gay porn kingpin Michael Lucas says that this alignment is in fact causing more and more gays to leave their base and the party line because the party line is “Islam is a good thing. Islam is our friend.”

In a related story, a student at the University Of Texas- San Antonio expressed his opinion on this subject in a private conversation outside of class. He stated that he was uncomfortable with Islam because people still receive the death penalty for being gay in 10 Muslim-majority countries. The student was immediately reprimanded for this private conversation and told he was guilty of offending someone and that if it happened again he would be expelled. He was told that “We have not designed our program to tolerate these behaviors,” “We’re not going to let you damage the program.”

Read that again and think about the implications of a college establishing a policy of complete subservience to thought control- “We have not designed our program to tolerate these behaviors,” “We’re not going to let you damage the program.” This is the totalitarianism that leftist ideologues emanate. It is good that at least one group of people who generally side on the left are seeing this stifling of speech, conformity and collectivism for the danger to their own self determination and right to live as they choose and are leaving it. By constantly stifling one`s rights or freedom so as to not offend someone else the left is creating a society where no one has freedoms. The sooner the other groups on the left realize this as well the better.

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