Hate Crime Charges Dropped Against BLM Kidnappers

Public records have verified that hate crime charges were either dropped or never filed against the BLM kidnappers. This was the case that happened last year in Chicago where four blacks kidnapped and tortured a mentally disabled white man all the while yelling Fuck Trump,  Fuck White people. Such cases are why we as whites need our own civil rights groups and political advocacy groups. (Not those who march around in costumes screaming racial epithets, but legitimate organizations working alongside the Black Caucasus and NAACP, CAIR, La Raza etc in D.C.) This post will be updated with more info shortly

*Update: The initial court filing listed here shows hate crime charges. Their current charges are listed below. Click on their names to view. None show them being charged with a hate crime

Tanisha Covington

Jordan Hill

Tesfaye Cooper

Brittany Covington

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