Kent State Socialist Collective Says People Having Excess Food Is What`s Wrong With Capitalism

The socialist collective at Kent State recently refused to participate in a food drive challenge organized by capitalist groups saying that the fact that people have excess food to donate is the problem with capitalism. Imagine that- having excess food is a problem. The socialist mindset is one that says that no matter what you work for you’re only allowed your weekly ration of a loaf of bread, a bag of potatos, a piece of meat and your government cheese.

Capitalism provides for a diverse marketplace, it allows people to create better and better products to compete with each other and it allows the consumer the opportunity to purchase the product that most suits their needs. Under socialism there would be no diversity. Going back to the food example- there would just be your weekly loaf of bread, bag of potatos, your piece of meat and government cheese as opposed to going to a store and being able to choose between different companies who make different foods. There would be no cheese from kraft, velveeta, land o lakes, etc., just your plain government cheese. There would be no breads from different manufacturers and so on.

They think that there should be no diversity in the marketplace, that everyone should have the same plain products. They think that no one should have a better house than anyone else and so on. There would also be no chance for you as a regular citizen to market your product and become a successful businessman. The problem with capitalism they say, is that it provides opportunities for people to succeed through innovation and hard work. They feel that no one should succeed, that everyone needs to be brought down to the same level to achieve wealth equality. It is equality of the lowest common denominator. Socialism and wealth equality is being practiced here in America as evidenced by the picture below. The middle class who work hard to provide for their families or just to create a better life for themselves are living paycheck to paycheck as they are heavily taxed to subsidize those who don`t work. Socialism is completely antithetical to the American dream.

America: Correcting wealth inequality through socialism:

Venezuela. Wealth inequality corrected through socialism. Achievement unlocked

If saying people having too much food is a problem wasn`t enough, they also accused the organizations who created the food drive of promoting/endorsing figures who promote sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, Zionism and other intolerant dangerous beliefs. Remember folks, whenever you`re losing an argument or have an argument that can`t stand on it`s own, just accuse the other party of racism, sexism and homophobia.

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