Higher Education: A Modest Proposal for Reform

Higher Education: A Modest Proposal for Reform

Via The Imaginative Conservative

Thus, the question is no longer “how do we save our educational establishment” from its current intellectual insanity. The vast majority of universities are irreversibly beyond reason. The real question has become “how do we limit the damage done to our society by an overwhelmingly hostile educational establishment?” This is an important question because the educational establishment, particularly at elite institutions, trains the teachers, administrators, and professionals who control education, shape professional organizations among lawyers, accountants, and others, and in general have an outsized influence on the rules and norms by which our economy, our government, and all too many of our social institutions are run. Moreover, these institutions use their vast wealth to shape their own student bodies (through admissions and scholarship policies) and alter even the economic landscape; tens of billions of dollars in endowments translate into real power in shaping business decisions, especially when used consistently to promote “social justice” as defined by the Left.

Full Article Here

More info on why colleges are so liberal here and here

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