Kate Steinle`s Death Is To Be Blamed On Sanctuary City Policy

The nature of our legal system is one that if there is not irrefutable proof that the act was intentional then you can’t convict. No matter if the legal precedent put forth by the prosecution didn’t hold up for a conviction, it was the illegal harboring enacted by the mayor with his #SanctuaryCity that led to Kate’s death. Illegal immigrant Jose Zarate, who has been deported multiple times and has a lengthy criminal record even admitted to going to San Francisco because it was a sanctuary city. It is the mayor of San Francisco who should be the one on trial. Peter Y. Liu (candidate for California governor) has expressed this opinion as well. California needs a strong governor to reverse the destruction done by democrat rule.

Furthermore, the same way the anti 2nd amendment crowd says every NRA member is to blame when there is a shooting, using their standard then everyone who advocates for #SanctuaryCity #DACA and illegal immigration in general are to blame for Kate’s death

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