NFL Social Justice Program Money Coming From Breast Cancer & War Veterans Allotment?

Despite lower and lower ratings, the nfl is throwing gasoline on the fire of alienation and expanding into more and more social justice crusades. The latest comes in the form of donations to social justice programs to the tune of  $89 million over the next seven years. This allegedly is an idea concocted by league officials to bribe the players to stop visible protests on the field including kneeling during the national anthem and raising the black power fist. As mentioned these protests are hurting the ratings of the nfl so officials want to hide the left wing activism through silent donation to sjw causes. According to Eric Reid of the San Francisco 49ers`s however, the money being donated to these sjw causes are being taken from money already allotted to breast cancer awareness and Salute To Service (a program designed to help veterans as well as active duty military members and their families).

As the nfl keeps delving into more and more left wing activism antithetical to most of the middle working class which supports them, we encourage the continued boycott and defunding of the nfl.

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