In Roy Moore Case, Forgery is Now Just “Taking Notes”

One of the biggest scandals over the last 2 months has been the sexual assault case against Judge Roy Moore. Unlike Al Franken (who earned the nickname Fish Lips from his victim), John Conyers and a slew of others who admitted wrong doing, Judge Moore has repeatedly denied these accusations. The main piece of evidence being put forth against him comes from Beverly Young Nelson who claimed that he signed her yearbook while she was a teenager. The yearbook has been a questionable piece of evidence and even showed two different styles of writing at the spot where Roy Moore supposedly signed it. They have refused up to this point to turn the year book over to an independent investigator to examine the handwriting which leads many to believe that this is a campaign of false accusations against a Republican candidate to keep him from winning the senate seat. Beverly`s own stepson has said she`s lying and most recently Beverly has admitted to “making notes” in the yearbook, throwing the whole accusation into even more question.

Mass media has been doing damage control after conservative outlets called her out for forging the yearbook. They claim that she didn`t forge anything, that she was “making notes”. This politically sanitized wordplay when used to describe their actions is in stark contrast to news reports attacking Judge Roy Moore by calling him an accused child molester, etc. Their hypocrisy and underhanded tactics will be their downfall. In the case of the yearbook, if this does turn out to be a fake Beverly needs to be prosecuted not only for defamation of character, but for election interference and collusion.

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