Woman Commits Suicide After SJW`s Bully Her For Not Having Sex With Someone She Didn`t Want To

Social justice warriors, who claim to be against rape culture and unwanted sexual advances by promoting the #MyBodyMyChoice and #MeToo campaigns as well as female rights in general, bully a female porn star on twitter for refusing to have sex with someone she didn’t want to have sex with to the point where she commits suicide. What`s the story? Porn star August Ames refused to have sex with a gay man in a movie because of the lack of standards in testing. She rightly expressed this concern as she was worried about her health and her possible exposure to disease. Because of this refusal she was relentlessly bullied on twitter by social justice warriors, again, the same people who started the #MyBodyMyChoice campaign. This just goes to show the complete hypocrisy that exists in the sjw world and ideology.

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