French City Cancels Christmas Market Because It Can`t Afford Security Costs After ISIS Attacks

In Europe, terrorist attacks on tourist areas during the Christmas season are a big concern this year as isis has called for attacks at Christmas markets. The response has been to create heavily militarized police states with a hefty price tag attached for security. In Germany they set up walls and boulders disguised as Christmas presents in order to block roads after a car was driven through the market in Berlin killing 12 and injuring 50 last year. Six Syrian nationals were also arrested last month in Germany suspected of plotting a Christmas market attack but were let go. A nail bomb was found near a children`s carousel near a market in Germany. Britain is on high alert and have announce they are creating a “ring of steel” made up of armed police to prevent isis attacks at various Christmas markets. One British news outlet ran a story titled “Is it safe to go to a Christmas Market in 2017?”. In France, which has seen the highest number of mass casualty terrorist attacks in Europe, they have had to cancel their Christmas market in Lyon`s all together because it cost too much to provide adequate security.

In all of these cases the only other option would be to stop mass immigration, and that would be intolerant, racist, non inclusive, xenophobic (insert any other buzz word we forgot as well). It’s good to see Europe making sacrifices and giving up their safety and traditions for the sake of political correctness.

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