Hate Crime Sentencing Double Standards: Florida Man Who Smashed Mosque Windows Gets 15 Years For Hate Crime

A Florida man who broke into a mosque and smashed windows and lights with a machete and left bacon at the scene was just sentenced to 15 years in prison followed by 15 years probation. The story here says that CAIR (The Council For American Islamic Relations) was instrumental in the sentencing of Michael Wolfe.

Also this week was the trial of Brittany Covington, one of the black women who kidnapped and tortured a mentally disabled white man while yelling “fuck white people”. There was no civil rights group to represent the victim in her attack and she was let off with just 4 years probation.

Obviously we don`t advocate illegal activities like the vandalizing of mosques etc, but this post is to point out the double standard in sentencing and lack of civil rights representation between groups of people.

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