Hypocrisy In Baltimore`s White Social Justice Warriors

News headlines last week highlighted an effort for yard signs to be taken down in a Roland park neighborhood because they were unsightly and cluttered up the neighborhood. The signs in question just happened to be pro immigrant and pro blm signs. Aside from the political message though, social standards dictate that if a sign, a statue, a memorial etc is unsightly, or if someone else doesn`t agree with the message then it needs to be taken down.

It was later revealed that the Roland Park neighborhood where these pro immigration and pro blm signs were placed is (unsurprisingly) less than 7 percent black, and fewer than 3 percent Hispanic or Latino. This is indicative of the hypocrisy in white liberals who claim to be all about diversity and tolerance yet live in affluent mostly segregated white communities. On the issue of the signs themselves, there is a Baltimore City zoning code that prohibits the yard signs so not only are they unsightly but they are illegal. One resident, Nancy Lewin, complained that her 1st Amendment rights were being violated. It is rather ironic and humorous to see social justice warriors complain when their 1st Amendment rights are being violated, yet cry and riot to get anything they disagree with censored. Well, the fact is that not only do the signs violate city code but some neighbors do not like them, so by your own rules they need to come down. These are your rules leftists. Follow them or stop making them. Until that time, tear the signs down!

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