UK Police Disrupt Planned Christmas Attack

Mass media and leftists: How dare Trump retweet fake videos of muslim violence from a hate group! These fake videos stir up xenophobia. Fake fake fake! Hate hate hate!

Twitter: We are banning Britain First and others who talk about muslim violence. Its all fake fake fake! Hate hate hate! Ban speech because racism!

Meanwhile: An islamic plot to kill Theresa May was stopped earlier this month and just this week a planned Christmas attack was stopped. (Link below)

Reality: Attacks on large gatherings of people during the Christmas season are a huge concern for Europe. They`ve happened in the past and they obviously are still being planned. Also just this morning (while not being fully investigated yet, an Australian of Afghan descent plowed his suv through a crowd of people in Melbourne) In France they cancelled one of their largest Christmas markets because they couldn`t afford security. More stories in that link

Via The Guardian:

Counter-terrorism officials have launched an investigation into a possible new Islamist plot to attack Britain after four men were arrested in northern England.

There have been concerns that there could be an attack over the Christmas and new year period. The MI5 director general, Andrew Parker, and police chiefs have warned in recent months that the terrorist threat is at an unprecedented level, with 10 plots believed to have been disrupted since March, including one allegedly targeting Downing Street.

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