Voter Fraud Investigation Launched Into Alabama Senate Special Election

The election win of Doug Jones over Roy Moore and the fact that a democrat pulled off a victory in a state that is overwhelmingly red was being hailed as a referendum on President Trump and the GOP. The fact afterwards came out that most of Alabama`s Republican voters stayed home (mainly due to false accusations and a smear campaign against Roy Moore) while at the same time the democrats used scare tactics to get a larger than normal amount of black voters to come out. Despite this turnout, democrat Doug Jones narrowly pulled off the win, and now it looks like he may have done so using the democrats m.o.- voter fraud. On the night of the special election, a Fox10 reporter interviewed a man who appeared to say that he and his fellowship had traveled from different parts of the country to vote and canvass the area for Doug Jones. Video below. This has triggered an investigation into possible voter fraud by Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill.

While always trying to loosen the laws that require id`s to vote, democrats are at the same time the main opponents to voter fraud investigations. In Alabama, college students from out of state are only legally allowed to vote in one state, either Alabama or your home state. However, all you need to vote is “a valid student or employee photo ID card from a public or private institution of higher learning in Alabama“. This opens the door for massive voter fraud as fake id’s could be made for anyone, including people who came there from different parts of the country to vote for Doug Jones. Out of state college students would be able to vote in both their home state and the state their college is in as well.

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