Liberal Logic: We`re For The Workers… Unless Their Success Is Due To President Trump

When you claim to be for the workers

There is a #BoycottATT hashtag going around because AT&T is giving their employees bonuses after the tax break was passed. Keep in mind the people doing this are the same ones who say workers need to be paid more by greedy corporations. So why are they doing this? Its because in their mind this obviously means AT&T are Trump supporters, so they are threatening to switch to Comcast. But wait, Comcast is doing it too lol. I guess its a good thing that they won’t need to use either of them anymore seeing as how there won’t be anymore internet now that net neutrality has ended

Here`s  a list of several of the companies who are giving bonuses, raises, and investing in infrastructure after the GOP tax bill passed. It`s kind of odd that these companies are doing so, the democrats said giving corporate tax cuts wouldn`t result in any trickle down, that they`d just keep the money to themselves. Keep in mind that no democrats voted for the tax cut that also helped helped middle class Americans (the workers they claim to support) That is because democrats are the high tax party. They are socialists, they want to take your money so they can redistribute it. Btw, Donald Trump just got workers their $15 minimum wage and he didn’t do it by mandating it. Bet that’ll burn them socialists up

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