Rosie O’Donnell Offers $2 Million Each In Crime To Bribe Senators Instead Of Donating To Fix Income Inequality

I`m going to combine two different ideas in this post. The first idea is one the left pushes that just because someone has more money than you, that you are a victim of income inequality and are entitled to their money. Seeing posts like the screen shot in this one about “Time to make life hard for the rich” because of income equality makes you sound like a 5 year old brat who`s mom won`t buy you a candy bar at the store. Does income inequality exist? Yes it does. So what? Someone who worked hard, built a business, invented something to make life easier and patented it, etc certainly has every right to the fruits of their labor, not you. This idea that you are entitled to someone else`s money has become more and more prominent in today`s society with class warfare pushed into the mainstream by people like Bernie Sanders, the raping of the middle class with obamacare, as well as numerous other social welfare programs. America used to be a country where you prided yourself on working hard for what you get and to better your position in life, now it`s “I`m an entitled brat. Give me free stuff.”

This gets to the second idea. They say “Time to make life hard for the rich”, yet how many of them still go to movies to see their favorite actor or actress, sports games to see their favorite player and concerts of their favorite musician. These people are definitely rich compared to most Americans who idolize them. I wonder how many of them have written these people and demanded they give them their money. The left is big on demanding income equality and socialism in general yet they`ll support all these people while demanding absolutely nothing from them to strive for income inequality. Why is that? Do they get a free pass just because they hold the same liberal mindset? The left is known to be pretty hypocritical when it comes to double standards so it wouldn`t be surprising if so. The attempted bribery of elected officials by Rosie O’Donnell is a perfect example. This past week she offered $2 million each to senators who would vote they way she wanted. She was praised and celebrated for this action, however, if she has millions of dollars to just throw around to bribe elected officials, why haven`t they taken her to task for not donating that money to achieve income equality? Hey Rosie, I know there are schools in Baltimore City that need air conditioning.

P.S. Under 18 U.S. Code § 201, bribing a member of Congress is a crime.

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