California College Deems Kate Steinle Remembrance Posters Racist

Fliers posted around the University of California San Diego in remembrance of Kate Steinle were recently ripped down by intolerant leftists less than one day after being posted. One student, Gregory Lu, put up 150 fliers in remembrance of Kate that said “She had dreams too”. Kate Steinle was the woman who was killed by an illegal immigrant on a San Francisco pier in 2015. Not only were the fliers ripped down, the college itself issued a statement saying that these fliers stoked racial hatred and intended to create feelings of intimidation and incite fear in marginalized communities on campus. In all reality, if you look at who is singled out and targeted on college campuses nowadays it is clear who the real marginalized community is. Nevertheless, Lu was also contacted by the Orwellian Office for the Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination who asked to schedule a meeting with him about the fliers.

This is not the only case of the alt left attacking Kate Steinle memorials. In Texas a march for Kate was opposed by members of antifa who “tried to intimidate and forcibly remove anyone going to the memorial” at the public park.

The left is attacking Americans who are holding memorials for an American woman who was killed by an illegal alien. Let that sink in.

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