Vice Employees Speak Out About Toxic Culture Of Sexual Misconduct

The article linked below describes Vice as an edgy news and entertainment company. In reality they were just an outlet who were able to rise to the top of the “shock news” independent media outlets. Today most of the articles they post are no different than the social justice warrior and mainstream news outlets. There is no deviation from mainstream news outlets and there is nothing edgy about them. Also in line with every other news outlet is rampant allegations of sexual assault.

Via Business Insider:

Dozens of current and former employees at the edgy news and entertainment media company Vice are speaking out against what they characterize as a toxic culture of sexual misconduct at the company that was enabled over the years by top executives, The New York Times reported on Saturday.

Since 2003, Vice and its employees have paid at least $184,000 in settlements to four women, none of whom still work for the company, who accused executives of sexual misconduct or defamation, according to the report.

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