Civil Rights Groups Should Be A Civil Rights Issue

The “savage beating” of a muslim girl by three others this past week has made the news even though the Palm Beach County sheriff`s office declared that “All participants agreed the fight was over a boy and a video that was circulated. All parties AGREED to meet and to fight and a specific location and time”. Nevertheless, based on mass media`s marxist agenda they have decided to run this story turning it into a cultural issue rather than leaving it as the schoolyard fight that it was.

Even though all parties attested to it being a simple fight, the council for islamic relations has gotten involved and demanded a further investigation into it. The fact is that these fights happen all the time and there are numerous fights that have been posted online showing white kids being assaulted and even called racial epithets in the process. The difference is that a simple schoolyard fight in which a muslim girl was involved has a muslim civil rights organization getting involved while there are no groups whatsoever to represent whites who are legitimate targets of hate crimes.

Take for example the racially charged kidnapping and torture of a mentally disabled white man by 4 blacks in Chicago. There were no organizations that represent that man or demand justice. The result- the first of those who were charged in this kidnapping and torture was only given probation. Meanwhile a white guy in Florida was given 15 years for vandalizing a mosque.

Civil rights and the right to represent your people is not something that should only be afforded to “minorities”. Racism, hate crimes and discrimination exists across all borders. The denial of civil rights for any group or class of people only ensures their exploitation and victimization. We should have legitimate organizations working alongside the Black Caucasus and NAACP, CAIR, La Raza etc in D.C.

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