DNC Deputy Chair Promotes Violent Alt Left Group. Needs To Step Down From His Position

Keith-Ellison-Antifa.sized-770x415xtIt’s no secret that democrats and radical leftist organizations have always worked hand in hand behind the scenes, and the silence from democrats on violence committed by such organizations is indicative of their consent. This has become even more apparent after the election of President Trump. To further this topic, DNC deputy chair Keith Ellison recently promoted a book by the violent alt left group antifa on his social media account. There has been no condemnation from democrats on this, and whats worse, there has been no condemnation from the low energy republicans.

Again, this is collusion between the deputy chair of the democrat party and a violent terroristic alt left group and until he steps down there can be no moral high ground from them in condemning anyone else for what they call “alt right” politics. In fact, if the low energy republicans won’t address  these anti American marxists and their policies perhaps it’s time to put some America First people into office who aren’t afraid to do so.

One thought on “DNC Deputy Chair Promotes Violent Alt Left Group. Needs To Step Down From His Position”

  1. In reply to “DNC Deputy Chair Promotes Violent Alt Left Group. Needs To Step Down From His Position“: First of all, Ellison has shown his alleged, violent side, but the accuser had medical records. I digress. Here is what prompted me to sign up/in: Quote from Joe Magee, a power researcher and professor of management at New York University, “What power does is that it liberates the true self to emerge,” …” What it means to have power is to be free of the punishment that one could exert upon you for the thing you did.” Which paves the way for another hallmark of the powerful–hypocrisy. Our guts are right about this one.” Bill Clinton and the “President in the Shadows, Hillary Clinton” both founders of the Clinton Crime Consortium, is as far back as I can remember used his power to silence, intimidate, and perjurer himself, seems to have set the bar and the MO for the Democrats. Another link in the long chain of hypocrisy. We see it time and time again. Yet the media only concentrates on a select few. What can we expect from a media that seems to be kowtowing to the looney left and of course the higher powers that control them?


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