Did Children Cry Tears Of Rage When Cory Booker Took The Money Donated To Their Schools While He Was Mayor?

Senator Cory Booker recently gave a horrible performance at a senate judiciary hearing in which he angrily proclaimed that an offensive word made him cry “tears of rage”. The performance (shown below) came before a senate judiciary hearing and was directed towards President Trump`s DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. Watching it is pretty disgusting in the way he yells at Ms. Nielsen. One has to wonder where the feminists and women`s advocacy groups are and why they are so silent in this verbal assault. Imo, it begs to question whether he is fit to serve as an elected official seeing as how a word led him to admittedly become so emotionally unraveled.

Aside from his own “tears of rage”, we wonder if the children in Newark, New Jersey also cried tears of rage when the $100 million donated by Mark Zuckerberg for schools was squandered away while Booker was mayor.

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