Mandating A Minimum Wage Vs Reducing Corporate Taxes

A tale of two economic stories.

The First: Trump is creating a $15 minimum wage while also creating jobs. And he didn’t do it by mandating it.

Among the immediate announcements from companies upping their minimum wage as well as giving bonuses and more, here are a few more recent ones

Walmart Gives Employees raises After Tax Cut

Humana credits GOP tax bill for boost to employee benefits, wages

Apple says the new tax law will help it contribute $350 billion to the U.S. economy over the next five years.

The Second: Socialists mandating a minimum wage is destroying jobs

Seattle’s Minimum Wage Killed the ‘Five-Dollar Footlong’

Tim Hortons heirs shave benefits to cover costs of minimum wage hike

Red Robin cutting busboys after minimum wage hikes

Just a quick example on how economics work. Read more on capitalism vs socialism here. And keep in mind that no democrats voted for the tax cut. Democrats are the high tax party. They want to take your money so that they can redistribute it.

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