Puerto Rico Sabotaging Their Own Rebuilding Efforts?

After Hurricane Maria destroyed Puerto Rico, mass media and the left went on a rampage criticizing President Trump for the way he handled the crisis and accused the administration of not doing enough to help rebuild the island. Predictably, cries of racism immediately emanated from mass media and the left as well as from San Juan mayor herself Carmen Cruz. It should be noted that the mayor is a far left democrat, and from all instances it looks like she was sabotaging the relief efforts simply to make President Trump look bad. The #FakeNews outlets ran story after story with Carmen Cruz crying about a supposed lack of aid and President Trumps incompetency, even though more than 4,000 loaded shipping containers sat at the port in San Juan. First she appeared on tv wearing a shirt that said “Help us we`re dying”, and later after being called nasty by President Trump in response to her nasty comments, she wore a shirt that said “Nasty”. What is interesting is that somehow on an island in the middle of a crisis with no power and no way to deliver mail she managed to have these shirts produced. The only logical explanation is that the #FakeNews outlets supplied her with these shirts to wear for the interview. This is just further evidence of mass medias partisan collusion in pushing their anti Trump agenda. Going back to that anti Trump agenda and Carmen Cruz`s sabotaging of relief efforts, a local police officer reported that the mayor in conjunction with the local union were in fact hoarding relief supplies and not distributing them. An article from NPR here details the requests from several mayors who also also said they are not receiving the aid from San Juan.

Aside from supplies, money was another issue brought up. Complaints that the island wasn`t receiving the financial aid it needed were repeated over and over. Puerto Rico`s governor asked for $94 billion in financial aid, however in December they gave out $100 million in Christmas bonuses.

The most recent damning charge against Puerto Rico and their sabotaging of relief efforts is that the (PREPA) Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority concealed materials needed to rebuild the power grid. It was reported that armed FEMA as well as the US Army Corp Of Engineers seized hoarded equipment from one of PREPA`s warehouses. 2,875 pieces of crucial equipment were taken from it and distributed to electrical contractors around the island. Until now many workers have complained that they have not had the materials needed to rebuild. Governor Ricardo Rossello has since announced that he will be looking to privatize the power company. This comes after years of mismanagement as well as the fact that Puerto Rico`s infrastructure averages 45 years old as compared to 18 years old in the U.S. In light of all the above mentioned self made crisis`s, this aging infrastructure is also called into question as the blaming of President Trump and his “racism and incompetency” is debunked. Essentially it would be the same as if a hurricane destroyed Detroit and then demands were made to rebuild it into a Las Vegas.

If it`s shown that the mayor of San Juan as well as others are intentionally starving people and keeping them from receiving medical supplies and water based on a desire to make President Trump look bad they need to be held legally responsible. Mass media should also be held responsible for their collusion in failing to report on this humanitarian crisis.

Puerto Rico has long had problems before Hurricane Maria. Aside from the aforementioned failing infrastructure, the country itself is in $70 billion worth of debt. What`s interesting is that the head of the islands Financial Oversight and Management Board which is supposed to manage their debt is paid a salary of $625,000. That is $225,000 more than the $400,000 U.S. President`s make.

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