Federal Judge Dismisses Charges Against Bundy`s & Finicum Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

This is a quick synopsis of events. I`d recommend watching the documentary ‘American Standoff‘ to get a fair look at the whole story. It`s linked here on youtube atm but as we know, youtube constantly deletes videos.

The Bundy ranch standoff in Nevada and the later occupation at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon received world wide attention as US citizens stood up against federal encroachment in an attempt to keep their lands. While the Bundy ranch standoff ended peacefully, the events in Oregon led to the shooting death of LaVoy Finicum and the subsequent arrest of several others who participated in the occupation. There has been much controversy in the ambush shooting death of LaVoy and now his family has filed a $70 million wrongful death lawsuit against several law enforcement agencies involved. A federal judge has also dismissed charges against the Bundy`s and others involved in the occupation after declaring a mistrial due to the prosecution withholding key evidence that could have proved favorable to the defendants.

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