Wired.com Exposes Megan Squire As Antifa`s “Secret Weapon” & Creator Of Whack A Mole Database

Wired . com recently posted an article detailing how 45 year old Megan Squire, a professor of computer science at Elon University created an online database called Whack-a-mole to track “far right extremists”. The information she gathers is then accessed by violent alt left terrorists. An excerpt from the article states that

“Though Squire may be peaceful herself, among her strongest allies are “antifa” activists, the far-left antifascists. She doesn’t consider herself to be antifa and pushes digital activism instead of the group’s black-bloc tactics, in which bandanna-masked activists physically attack white supremacists. But she is sympathetic to antifa’s goal of silencing racist extremists and is unwilling to condemn their use of violence, describing it as the last resort of a “diversity of tactics.” She’s an intelligence operative of sorts in the battle against far-right extremism, passing along information to those who might put it to real-world use. Who might weaponize it.”

You can read the entire article here

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