Today`s Headline In Racism: U.S. Olympian Shani Davis Says Coin Toss Is Racist. Then Throws Temper Tantrum & Embarrasses America

U.S. Olympian Shani Davis has thrown a temper tantrum after losing a coin toss to be the team USA flag bearer in the Olympic Parade Of Nations. A vote was held to determine the flag bearer and Shani Davis was tied with Erin Hamlin. As quoted from the Washington Post: “The flag bearer was chosen from a pool of eight nominees, the Associated Press reported. One representative from each of the eight U.S. winter sports federations voted, and because Hamlin and Davis each received four votes, the decision was left to a coin toss, in a process established beforehand by the U.S. Olympic Committee.” After losing the coin toss Davis went on a temper tantrum saying the coin toss was racist and then refusing to participate in the opening ceremonies all together. It` s our opinion that Davis should have been expelled for his refusal to participate with his countries team as well as being an embarrassment to America.

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