R.I.P. Aaron Feis. An American Hero

Among the 17 people killed at Parkland High on Wednesday was football coach Aaron Fies. Aaron selflessly gave his life shielding other students from the shooter.He leaves behind a wife and baby daughter.

We just wonder how the situation may have been different if Aaron and the other teachers had been armed. Legislation here in Maryland to arm teachers has now been introduced in Annapolis. However, even after the tragedy Wednesday, Sean Johnson, of the MSEA says “It’s a bad idea, because we don’t want guns at our schools. If we want to arm teachers and educators, we should be arming them with school psychologists. We should be arming them with social workers.”  While mental health is definitely an under addressed issue, more measures need to be taken until such issues can be solved. I`m sure we`d all rather see American heroes who are celebrated for stopping mass shootings then those who gave their lives shielding others.

R.I.P. Aaron

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