Emma Gonzalez: “He Wouldn’t Have Harmed That Many Students With A Knife.”

The push for gun control is in full effect once again. As tragic as these events are, banning guns would be just as effective as banning drugs to stop teenagers from overdosing, or banning drunk driving to keep people from being killed. One student, Emma Gonzalez is being held up by the radical left and used by mass media to push their gun control agenda. In a recent speech she said “He Wouldn’t Have Harmed That Many Students With A Knife.” Well, that`s obviously not true. The problem is that there are many more issues surrounding these events. Below is a list of attacks that have occurred in China over the years.

Fifty killed in a knife attack at a Chinese colliery

China knife attack in Hunan’s Changsha leaves six dead

33 Dead, 130 Injured in China Knife-Wielding Spree

China knife attack: 18 injured in mass stabbing, suspect shot and arrested

Knife-wielding attackers kill 29, injure 130 at China train station

Woman killed, 12 injured in Beijing mall knife attack

Again, this goes back to a larger issue. I don`t understand why liberals have no problem with armed guards outside of banks to protect their money yet revolt at the idea of armed guards at schools to protect their kids. Why do they care more about their money than their own children? As we said in a previous post hereWhile mental health is definitely an under addressed issue, more measures need to be taken until such issues can be solved. I`m sure we`d all rather see American heroes who are celebrated for stopping mass shootings then those who gave their lives shielding others.”

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