Bullied Student Gets House Spraypainted With Racist Graffiti. National Media Silent

With the current volatile climate in the nation`s schools you`d think a story like the one here would be addressed in the national media. You have a 12 year old student in a Philadelphia school who has been repeatedly harassed and bullied, and there`s even a police report of him being jumped by 6 other students with nothing being done about it. The harassment has now gone from school and he is being targeted at his house. This past weekend the boy`s house was spray painted with violent racially charged graffiti.

Why hasn`t mass media taken up this story? The only explanation is that he doesn`t fit the agenda mass media pushes. In short, the student is white. Had this been a black student suffering so much extreme harassment there would be national outrage and civil rights groups would be protesting and making demands from the school. Because European Americans have no organizations to stand up for them to demand action from the school, the victims are left to suffer. In this case the father has even been banned from the school and cannot go to address the issue himself. Another case of school bullying led to a tragic end when Valeree Schwab, a student who had been bullied and harassed in her school in New York was ultimately stabbed to death by another student in January. This story has been almost completely blacked out as well.

By ignoring these stories while exploiting stories about a smirking kid in a MAGA hat or numerous other fake hate crimes, mass media is setting a distorted and dishonest representation of what America is. In reality, by purposely distorting the stats of hate crimes, they are doing more to fuel division and racism then they are trying to end it. It is deception and purposeful divisiveness, and it is malicious. This agenda needs to be challenged.

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