Michael Moore Attended Russian Organized Rally

On November 12th of last year, a “Trump is not my president” rally took place in New York. Among the participants was the obese far left hacktivist Michael Moore. What is a hacktivist? A hacktivist is someone who’s activism is contrary to what they claim to do. For instance, Michael Moore has been known to tout socialism and rail against the 1% while at the same time owning 9 properties and maintaining a net worth of $50 million. But as we posted here, this type of hypocrisy is pretty common among the leftist elite in Hollywood. He has also compared Trump to Hitler, but after Harvey Weinstein was outed he made an anti semitic statement in calling for a “world without Harvey`s“.

Michael Moore became a household name after releasing his documentary Bowling For Columbine in 2002. A lot has been said today about CNN, MSNBC and other outlets as being #FakeNews but what`s ironic is that it was watching Bowling For Columbine years ago that opened my eyes to the way mass media creates stories rather than just reporting them. In essence, Michael Moore exposed the #Resistance that is mass media today for being the fakes that they are.

Back to the rally. Rod Rosenstein recently indicted 13 Russians for what they called “election interference”. One of the accusations was that they organized rallies via facebook in order to sow discord in US politics. The New York- “Trump Is Not My President” rally in which Michael Moore participated in was allegedly one of them. We wonder how much knowledge Moore actually had about the origins of this rally. Was he a willing collaborator? We don`t know, but an investigation would clear it up.

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