Patriot Prayer Founder Joey Gibson Running For Senate

Conservative American activist Joey Gibson has announced his senate run in Washington state.  (Campaign site here) Gibson is the founder of Patriot Prayer, a pro American group that has been attacked by radical leftists for their pro Trump / pro free speech rallies.

As quoted by KATU, Joe says :  “I don’t care if they put a price on my head. I don’t care if they assault me. I don’t care how many times they pepper spray me. I don’t care how many times they slander my name, I’m going to stand up for what I believe in 100 percent of the time and stand up for what is right no matter what!” Gibson explained, telling supporters for a while he was waiting for another leader to represent his beliefs. “I said it’s not my problem, OK, and so I would sit at home and watch the TV and I’d see the news and I’d see politicians lie. I’d see all the brainwashing, the social justice, all that crap and it would drive me crazy. I literally threw a shoe at the TV one time. … I was waiting for someone else just to stand up, to make this change. … Instantly I knew I needed to run for office and like right away.”

You can read more from that article here

Joey Gibson Campaign Site Here

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