Sander`s Campaign Fined For Accepting Foreign Involvement

A Project Veritas undercover video exposing Australian`s working on the 2016 NH primary campaign has led to the campaign being fined for “violating Federal law regarding foreign nationals giving ‘something of value’ to a US candidate”. Mass media is currently ignoring this story

In agreements with FEC, Sanders campaign, Australian Labor Party fined for prohibited contributions Via WMUR


In February 2016, shortly after the New Hampshire first-in-the-nation presidential primary, a conservative activist group released videos purporting to show Australian youths working with primary winner Bernie Sanders’ campaign in New Hampshire and other states while they received monetary stipends.

Those stipends, as well as their transportation costs, were paid for by the Australian Labor Party (ALP) as part of an education program ultimately funded by the Australian government

The youths were seen in videos tearing down campaign signs in New Hampshire that were promoting Donald Trump for president. Those videos were recorded by Project Veritas, a self-described nonprofit engaged in “investigative film journalism.”

Project Veritas also taped the young people engaging in conventional campaign activities on behalf of the Sanders campaign, and describing the stipends they receive in the videos.

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