Hollywood Surrounded By Armed Guards At Oscars. Do They Think They`re More Important Than School Children?

The actors and actresses at the Oscars had over 500 armed guards, police, and security in general. Meanwhile they are adamantly opposed to having armed guards in our schools. Why is this? Do they think they’re more important than school children?

Btw, the oscars had an even lower rating than last year. As we wrote here last  year, everything the left inserts it`s politics into continues to lose ratings; however, showing how the completely out of touch they are with reality, crying Kimmel says it was because of netflix. Kimmel, the host of the Oscars, was onstage promoting womens rights and decrying sexual abuse, etc., yet he is the same guy who got his big break showing half naked women bouncing on trampolines as well as having random women grab his crotch to guess what was in his pants. Why hasn`t the left disowned this clown yet?

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