Rancher Ryan Bundy To Run For Nevada Governor. Pledges To Run For State`s Rights

Ryan Bundy has announced he will be running for Governor for the state of Nevada as an Independent. Ryan is one of the sons of Cliven Bundy and part of the family that made national news in a successful armed standoff when the Bureau of Land Management tried to take their ranch under dubious claims. Ryan and several others later went to Oregon to defend another rancher and after the death of LaVoy Finicum as well as spending time in jail and the court system ultimately had all charges dropped. You can read more about this as well as watch a documentary on it here.

Ryan has said he is running on a state`s rights platform. He says “The ownership and control of the land within the state of Nevada will be a big part of my campaign.” Ryan is expected to hold rallies across the state in support of his campaign

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