Today`s Headline In Racism: Black Robots May Be Target For Racism

Similar to the series we do titled Social Justice  Warriors To The Rescue, this is our Today’s Headline In Racism. This one will address everything racist that white people are accused of. Some past horrific examples that emanate racism include schools serving peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as well as women in interracial relationships are still racist. Read more stories of racism here

Today`s headline has to do with a new study that says black robots may be targeted for racism. Yes, believe it or not, this is an actual study from the University Of Canterbury. The results of this study published in a research paper titled Robots And Racism was even presented at the international conference on human-robot interaction in Chicago on Tuesday. The paper itself an international collaboration between four universities, consisting of members of different nationalities and ethnicities. It addresses such issues as whether or not people assign a race to robots and show a bias towards them as well as a lack of diversity in robots themselves. They say that most robots are either made from a white or metallic colored material. As always, we have to wonder what we`d do if we didn`t have so many people pointing out everything racist that white people do. We just wonder what they`ll do about the rise of the racist robots.

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