Student Charged In Death Of Girl In Alabama School Shooting

One student is dead and another charged with manslaughter, but a school shooting in Alabama isn`t being talked about much by the district attorney. The incident occurred about 2 weeks ago at Huffman Highschool in Birmingham, Alabama as classes were being dismissed. That was when Courtlin Arrington, a senior who had dreams of becoming a nurse, was shot and killed. After talking to witnesses and reviewing video, 17 year old fellow student Michael Jerome Barber was arrested and charged. Aside from the shooting itself, he is said to be charged with illegally having a gun on the school campus. It`s been reported that the school has metal detectors but for whatever reason they weren’t on that day. As stated here, “district attorney Mike Anderton called the shooting “reckless,” but wouldn’t say whether he believes it was accidental or intentional. He also wouldn’t speak to the circumstances surrounding the shooting“.

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