Student Organizes Walkout To Protest Abortion After It Suspends Teacher For Saying The School Might Have Double Standards For Protests

After students participated in the anti Second Amendment walkout earlier this month, Julianne Benzel, a history teacher at Rocklin High School in California suggested that the school might have a double standard in which protests they support and which ones they don`t. This claim seemed to ring true as she was suspended and put on paid administration just for suggesting it. Now one of her students has decided to put that question to the test and is organizing a walkout on April 11th to protest abortion. Brandon Gillespie is asking his school for the same 17 minute walkout at 10 am as they allowed for those protesting the Second Amendment. He says his group will hold the walkout even if the school doesn`t agree to it as it is important to students rights. In a statement to the National Review he says “Along with being a movement commemorating the millions of children who fell victim to abortion, this movement is one that stands for all students’ right to freedoms of speech and assembly,” and “We hope this movement inspires all students nationwide, regardless of their view on the abortion issue, to stand up for what they believe in,”. He is using the hashtag #Life on social media to promote it.

The planned walkout predictably is already getting a backlash. One student, Naeirika Neev- who ironically is the editor of the school newspaper and uses the right of the freedom of the press and right to free speech in order to curtail your Second Amendment rights in the newspaper, has objected to the walkout. As for Julianne Benzel, she has been reinstated at her job due to what she says was the outrage of the community. She hopes the walkout will get national attention. From all evidence up till now it seems that these protests have been organized by the far left in order to indoctrinate students with an anti Second Amendment agenda. Share this post and let`s get this trending to encourage other students to organize for April 11th and see just how supportive of students rights to peacefully protest the schools really are.

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