Man Arrested With Hotel Room Full Of Weapons, Says He Was On A Classified Mission

59 year old Francho Bradley from Frisco, Texas was arrested along with his wife after police found a stockpile of weapons in their hotel room in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. Francho had called police suspecting his room was being broken into after the surveillance feed to his hotel room was disconnected. As posted by American Military News here:

Bradley warned the police that there was an unsecured gun in a drawer that he “did not want to get into the wrong hands,” according to the police report. However, when Tewksbury police entered Bradley’s room, they came across a massive stockpile of weapons.

After obtaining a search warrant, police discovered eight large capacity guns, including an AK-47 and AR-15 equipped with a bump stock, a grenade launcher, a silencer, and 19 large capacity magazines for various guns. Officers also found other equipment, including laptop computers, cell phones, walkie talkies, tactical vests and smoke grenades.

When he was finally interviewed by police, Bradley said that he brought the weapons with him from Texas because he “needed them with him for his mission.” Bradley has an active firearms license from Texas, but it is not valid in Massachusetts, according to police.

“Francho went on to say he can’t tell us what he does for work or why he has all the guns with him, but that he is down in this area working for a government agency that is dealing with a virus,” the police report said. Bradley did not give any further details because he said the information was “classified.”

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